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Gross-Final Cover.jpg
“Gross” Music Video

Directed, Starring, and Produced by Kyle Farscht
Unit Production Manager and Associate Producer: Lynn Farscht
Assistant Director: Hannah Weis

Director of Photography: Ethan Langenau
First Assistant Camera: Christian Lee
Second Assistant Camera: Quinn Dailey & Woulfe Bova
Boom Operator: Grace Piasecki

Production Design: Jaclyn Goldstein
Art and Costume Assist: Ten Monteverde
Puppet Designer: Riley Foster
Costume and Makeup: Kyle Farscht
Wigs: Steven Perfidia

Editing, Sound Design, and Music Production: Kyle Farscht
Colorist: Ethan Langenau
Visual Effects: Grace Piasecki and Kyle Farscht
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Beau Vallis
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