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Kyle Farscht is an award-winning director, cinematographer, musician, and artist based out of New York City. Kyle focuses on telling clever stories in fresh and unconventional atmospheres for audiences to be entranced and captured by. He works in all genres and types of media from traditional commercials and corporate content to narrative and experimental works. Alongside his directorial work, he works as a director of photography, gaffer, assistant camera, and sound designer on commercials, music videos, and narrative works. He has considerable experience and technical training in camera, lighting, sound, and post-production. Aside from filmmaking, Kyle also is a songwriter, producer, and singer. He released his single “Gross” in 2023 and EP “Dreamland” in 2019, and is currently working on his debut album. A queer artist, Kyle also is a drag performer by the name of "Shimshim She", where he incorporates his other interests of performance, makeup, costume design, and storytelling. All of these skills and passions inform Kyle’s artistic voice and perspective.
Click here to view my resumé.
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